Learning to lean into discomfort with an Aim to discovering a new Lens

"When you discover a new Lens,

you can no longer see without it"

Respecting Diversity and Inclusiveness is part of WiderLens key driving force

  • Inspiring Positive and Authentic Action towards self-development

  • Offering customized workshops to meet the needs of an organizational talent development 

  • Emotional Intelligence competencies development​​

  • Experiential programs with application

  • Certified Trainer and Facilitator

Experienced in delivering Workshops in Faith based community, Voluntary sector, Legal sector, and Retail sales

Interested in a Brain Brief Profile Report?

Brain Profiles

Looks at different ways people can use emotional intelligence based on their brain styles.  “Brain Style” is a preference of how the emotional and rational parts of your brain are working together. These three scales "Focus" "Decisions" and "Drive" result in eight possible combinations.

By learning more about your brain and EQ, our research shows you will be able to make better decisions, be happier, more successful, and increase the quality of your life (and the lives of people around you). Learning your Brain Style is a powerful way to begin increasing emotional intelligence.

These include: 

  • Brain Brief Profile: How does your brain focus, decide, and drive?

  • Brain Talent Profile: What are your brain’s key strengths for creating the future?

  • Brain Discovery Profile: How are your style, strengths, and challenges creating results?

  • Dashboard: What is the EQ strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats for a group, team, or class.